Grower Bill of Rights

Welcome to Agronomic Technology! We are committed to Grower data security, control, and privacy, and the use of that data to help Growers improve their economic and environmental performance. In addition to “data policy” we believe in data that is independent, used only for intended reasons specified by the grower, and unbiased. Grower Bill of Rights
  1. Data policy and use should be clear:
    • We will clearly explain what the data policies are. This includes who has access to data (who can see it, use it, or take control of it).
  2. Data belongs to the grower:
    • We will never rent or sell your data.
    • We will encourage adoption of data standards that are in the public trust.
  3. Data use should be used for its intended purpose:
    • By default, we will only use data in our system to provide results, improve our service and quality, and understand what features users desire down the road.
  4. Grower authorization for additional data use — including how they terminate that use — should be explicit:
    • For data uses other than those listed above, we will provide a clear and transparent explanation of the program and we will not proceed to use your data without your approval.
    • For any other program that you opt into, you will be able to end your participation through a process clearly outlined during the signup process.
    • An offer from a third party, including for research purposes, would be made only through us. Without an opt-in from the Grower no third party will receive any of your data as part of that communication.
  5. Any opt-in program will provide disclosure of:
    • What the program is and any benefit to you
    • How your participation in the program will affect your fees to us (for example, some programs may offset or eliminate your fees)
    • What data of yours will be used
    • How the data is anonymized and the level of aggregation of the results (when possible, we’ll show a sample of what the consumers of the data will see)
    • To whom we are providing the results
    • What the process is around ending your participation in the program
  6. Our partners must be aligned with our Grower Bill of Rights
    • When we work with a partner, it is done on behalf of our Grower community. Our partners must understand and be aligned with the Grower Bill of Rights.

Last updated: March 11, 2014