Getting ahead of potential fertilizer regulation

A tremendous amount of attention is being paid to fertilizer use in agriculture, commonly with fertilizer runoff being blamed for water quality impacts and greenhouse gas emissions. A major concern for farmers is the potential for regulation limiting how much fertilizer can be applied to a given field. Such regulation could have a yield-limiting impact and hurt a farming operation’s profitability (not to mention also reducing their efficiency as we try to feed 9 billion as a global food production system!). Adapt-N is a key tool in helping to avoid such regulation, by giving farmers and agronomists a tool to demonstrate responsible nitrogen application. It is the only tool of its kind that has been able to show a reduction in nitrogen losses while simultaneously improving growers’ profit. This win-win approach is absolutely required for any practice to be adopted at a scale that will have an impact on preventing such regulations from moving forward. This is why organizations like Walmart, General Mills, and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) have recognized Adapt-N as a leading nitrogen management solution. See this article by EDF highlighting its view on how we’re making progress towards fertilizer optimization.
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