Wrapping up 2016

Thank you for using Adapt-N during the 2016 season! We hope you found our tools useful in improving nitrogen performance on your fields. As always, we welcome feedback and look forward to working with you again in the 2017 season. Contact us with questions or suggestions by emailing support@agronomic.com.

Automatic daily N-recommendations have now been turned off. However, you can still run on-demand recommendations for any active field by clicking the “Go” button in the upper right of the recommendation page. By default, this will cause the recommendation to run for the current day. Alternatively, you can specify a prior date to see what Adapt-N would have recommended at that point in the season. This help article details the process.

click-go Ready to start working on your 2017? Now is a great time to take advantage of our early sign-up incentives for next season. Email us at grow@adapt-n.com for renewal details.

Maximize success with Adapt-N

With sidedress season rapidly approaching, now is a great time to take advantage of Adapt-N’s insights to help improve your growers’ in-season N management decisions for added profitability and improved environmental performance. Here are a few tips to maximize your success this season:  

Make sure your fields are fully configured and activated

When the field’s status is Active, recommendations  for all configured zones will run automatically on a daily basis.  Zones have a checkmark next to them when they are fully configured. Active and Configured  

Double check that existing nitrogen, manure, and irrigation applications are entered and correct

Adapt-N factors in mineralization, uptake, loss, and other impacts of these applications when making an in-season nitrogen recommendation.  So, it’s important that they are entered as correctly as possible.  There are multiple ways to add applications, either to a single zone, to multiple zones, to an entire field, or to multiple fields at once: Add Applications If you need to delete applications across an entire field, view this help article.

Turn on and manage Nitrogen Alerts, to get notification when recommendations cross a threshold

Each user can have their own N-Alert preferences, enabling them to receive emails and/or text messages when a zone’s current recommendation crosses a threshold set at the Grower Account level.  View this article for instructions on how to manage N-Alerts.  Click Settings -> My Profile to manage your alerts, or for users with access to the Grower List, update a grower to change its alert threshold.  

Update planting dates

Often times a planting date is entered before the season starts.  Don’t forget to update your planting dates based on when the crop actually went into the ground! There’s an easy way to do this across many fields at once:
  • Click the Crop icon in the navigation bar
  • Select the desired Grower Account
  • Choose one or more fields on the right (or individual zones, if necessary)
  • Enter the new planting date, leaving all other Crop inputs blank

As the season progresses, adjust expected yield upwards or downwards if you feel your original yield goals are no longer realistic.

If you need assistance, contact us at support@agronomic.com.

Feature Updates for Planting 2016

In anticipation of Planting 2016, Adapt-N is pleased to announce the immediate availability of many new features into the system.

The Configure Field tool is now available for all zone- and grid-based fields

To access, click Configure Field from the Fields & Zones page, either near the field name or from the Field menu. This tool lets users configure the entirety of the field on a layer-by-layer basis, incorporating spatial variability when desired, either by uploading a Shapefile, syncing with a source (such as agX or Agrian), or by manually entering data. The tool has also been updated to show a visualization of each layer. When each layer panel is open, the map at the top will show the current configuration of the field, and will update in real-time based on any changes made by the user. Field Config Layer

Field Recommendation Export tool upgraded

The tool for exporting a completed recommendation has been completely redone, providing much more flexibility in adjusting rates or setting rounding parameters for each Nitrogen product. Users can now:
  • Round the rate for each selected product
  • Raise or lower the entire recommendation by a percent or fixed amount
  • Adjust each individual rate
  • Dynamically view changes to the summary of the recommendation based on the changes
  • View a PDF Summary report, automatically included with exported Shapefiles
Field Rec Export editor Click here for additional documentation on this tool.

agX Integration Updates

We’ve improved the agX experience through the following updates:
  • the field import process has been streamlined to function much more quickly
  • Management zones in agX can now be used to automatically create zones in Adapt-N. Yield Goals on Management Zones in agX can also be automatically used to set variable yield goals in Adapt-N.
  • A bulk import tab is now available, letting you import many fields at once
  • The soil organic matter sync now goes back 5 seasons, and also automatically sets sample depth in addition to SOM percent
Click here for additional documentation articles on our agX Integration.

Crop multi-zone edit application now more flexible

The Crop multi-zone/multi-field application is much easier to use now, since the values on it have become optional. This lets users change one or more crop parameters across many fields at once without overwriting other existing crop parameters already set on those zones. For example, you can now set the planting date across many zones without overwriting yield data. The Previous Crop options have been adjusted to be clearer with respect to forage-sod crops. Users can also move between multi-zone editing sections using the new menu at the top of the screen. Bulk Navigation Improvements

Expanded Service Territory

Adapt-N is now available for use in an expanded service territory. The system has been calibrated and deployed for use in the following new states for 2016:
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
For a full service territory map, please view this page.

Welcome back for the 2016 season!

Welcome to Adapt-N for the 2016 crop season! This represents Adapt-N’s 6th season offering site-specific, weather-adjusted, scientifically-based nitrogen recommendations. As in prior years, we’ve made a number of improvements to the science behind Adapt-N, as well as to the interface and software capabilities of the tool. Below are a few highlights. As usual, do not hesitate to contact support@agronomic.com for any assistance. Have a great season!

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SST Software’s agX Platform and Adapt-N Partner to Confront Nitrogen Challenges in Agriculture

STILLWATER, OK–(Marketwired – March 10, 2015) – Every farmer knows the importance that nitrogen plays in producing a healthy corn crop. However, determining the optimal rate of nitrogen that should be applied to a field while protecting the environment from the negative impacts of nutrient pollution remains a challenge for the agricultural industry. Two precision ag companies, Agronomic Technology Corp and SST Software, have partnered together to offer the farming community a more efficient solution for sustainable nitrogen use. 

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AgProfessional profile on farmers’ experience with Adapt-N

Check out this great article on AgProfessional.com profiling Cedar Basin Crop Consulting and three of its farmers who have used Adapt-N over the years. The farmers, Nick Meier, Ken Humpel, and Frank Moore, each share their experience with Adapt-N. Some of our favorite quotes:
Nick Meier: “In 2013, the tool warned that much of the fall-applied N had been lost to rain, and Nick should adjust his sidedress rate upward by 30 lb/ac. The higher rate yielded 14 more bu/ac and +$57/ac profit.”
Ken Humpal: “It also helps him track the retention or loss of nitrogen from manure applications, for purposes of nutrient management planning and regulation compliance.”

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