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Agronomic Technology Corp

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Who we are

We are a sustainable agriculture company that helps growers improve their financial and environmental performance with integrated software, science and data. Our belief is that this combination will transform how farmers measure, manage and optimize their operations, in some cases transforming old practices and in most cases adding a complementary layer of insight and visibility.

Who we aren’t

We’re not an equipment company, nor a supplier of crop inputs (seed or fertilizer, for instance). We’re not a Big Ag company, but we work with these entities as customers and partners.

Who is behind the company

A combination of seasoned business and technology leaders that have worked as a team for many years founded Agronomic Technology Corp in 2013:

Steve Sibulkin

Experienced entrepreneur with multiple exits, plus executive roles at small and large companies. Focus on strategy, markets, and finance.
Greg Levow

Greg Levow

President & COO
The bridge between technology and business, with a proven track record managing client services and company operations.

Holly Trytten

Chief Architect
Proven software architect. Success building highly scalable web software across multiple industries.
The company’s Seed Funding Round came directly from farmers who had used Adapt-N and believe in its capabilities. Our seed investors helped us to establish our Grower Bill of Rights, which guide the principles of how we treat user data. In late 2014, Arthur Ventures, Cayuga Venture Fund, and Armory Square Ventures joined us as Series A investors.
Arthur Ventures
Cayuga Venture Fund
Armory Square Ventures

We’ve also been fortunate to be members of Cornell’s McGovern Center for Venture Development and FirstGrowth VC.
McGovern Center for Venture Development
FirstGrowth VC

What are we offering?

The first challenge we’re addressing is nitrogen fertilizer, a $100 billion industry. Nitrogen is a critical nutrient to crop growth and productivity, but 50% of it is wasted due to its complexity, mobility and lack of visibility. That leads to economic loss and environmental degradation through greenhouse gas emissions and hypoxia. We operate the leading precision nitrogen management solution, Adapt-N. Adapt-N gives growers an always-on, accurate nitrogen rate customized for any corn field, improving yield while reducing costs and environmental impacts. It does so through a powerful, calibrated integration of 13 software models that include the effects of soil variation, climate dynamics, and farm management practices. Adapt-N was built over 10 years, with research led by Cornell University and involving hundreds of collaborators. It was first tested in 2008, successfully calibrated across commercial farms through replicated strip trials, and launched commercially for the 2014 season. The tool is by no means done; we continue to improve it each season, and run strip trials on more than 200 sites across the country for this purpose.

What makes Adapt-N different?

The longest period of development. The most peer reviewed science. The only model proven to show financial and environmental performance improvement.

What else?

  • 100% independent and unbiased recommendations, not tied to the sale of any crop inputs
  • Not based on broad climate probabilities; Adapt-N actually simulates the complex processes in the soil and crop
  • Can be embedded into other leading solutions through our REST API

Who uses it?

Agronomists are the primary users of Adapt-N, typically either through an ag retailer, co-op, or agronomy services. Adapt-N is also supported by commercial partners and non-commercial partners like EDF and The Nature Conservancy. We’re also a top-rated nitrogen management solution in Walmart’s Sustainability Initiative, we’re the nitrogen modeling tool used by United Suppliers’ Sustain owners, and are one of the winners of General Mills’ Global Innovation Challenge.

What’s next for Agronomic Technology Corp?

  • Adding a range of new technology and user features
  • Adding solutions for additional crops and nutrients
  • Expanding our geographic footprint

Media Coverage

Please visit our blog for media references to Adapt-N. Several highlights of past coverage: