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The weather changes.
Shouldn't your nitrogen rates?

Do your nitrogen recommendations
seem more like guesses?

What if your soil could send you
an alert when it needed nitrogen?

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Adapt-N is the most advanced
nitrogen recommendation tool.


We're independent and don't sell seed, fertilizer, or insurance.
We're focused solely on your results.

Adapt-N is being completely redesigned for 2014,
with new features for corn growers and agronomists!

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  • Anticipate nitrogen stress to avoid yield losses
  • Reduce excess fertilizer applications
  • Identify yield improvement opportunities


  • Real science, proven in the corn belt and beyond
  • Results based on weather, crop, and soil factors
  • Designed for in-field use


  • A science + technology team focusing solely on your results
  • Independent: No affiliation with seed, fertilizer, or insurance sales
  • We firmly believe your data is yours. Period.

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Scientist created. Agronomist tested. Grower approved.

A decade of university research plus continuous, multi-regional, on-farm testing since 2011 has yielded over $30/acre grower profit. Adapt-N achieves these results by combining four critical elements:

Advanced Crop Modeling

Cultivar, planting date, yield potential, and more are taken into account to accurately simulate the crop’s growth and soil N to produce a yield-maximizing nitrogen recommendation.

Soils Types

Each region includes a locally calibrated database of soil characteristics, enabling users to appropriately simulate nitrogen dynamics even when soil type variability exists within a field.

Field Management
Field Management

Crop rotations, tillage, manure, irrigation, and soil test results are all modeled at a sub-field level. Variable rate applications are fully supported with unlimited zones per field.

Animated Weather Radar

Fully-integrated, high resolution weather data incorporates the actual temperature and rainfall amounts of your fields to determine nitrogen losses.

Real results.

Adapt-N is the only commercial nitrogen recommendation software with years of real testing on commercial farms. See how real agronomists and farmers have made major improvements to their operations with Adapt-N. Read the case studies

“2013 was such a wet year, and Adapt-N showed me that I’d lost 120 out of 150 pounds of nitrogen I applied. Based on these results, I went ahead and applied the extra fertilizer. My neighbor thought I was crazy, but I produced easily over $150/acre more than him because of it.”
An Adapt-N user in Iowa
Adapt-N Corn is 40 bushels larger

On a real farm in 2013, Adapt-N’s recommendation resulted in 40 bushels more per acre.

The all new Adapt-N toolset improves nitrogen use efficiency:
  • Nitrogen scenario and weather planning tool for current and prior seasons
  • Daily N-rec nitrogen recommendations via Text Message and Email
  • Real-time N recommendations in the field with a smart phone or tablet
  • Field-level precipitation and temperature
  • Growth stage indicator
  • Virtual Soil Nitrate Test
  • Muti-tiered account tools specifically designed for growers, agronomists, and enterprises
…Adapt-N is built for every zone in your field.

Use Adapt-N in the office and in the field

What can Adapt-N do for you?

Growers and agronomists alike can dramatically improve their operations with Adapt-N. See how:

During a wet year, your N losses can dramatically increase. Adapt-N alerts you to those N losses and recommended needs during the most critical growth stages so you won’t lose out on high-potential yield. In dry years, Adapt-N can save you money by telling you how much N remains in the soil so you can avoid unnecessary application.
Adapt-N uses 13 integrated models — including crop, soil, and weather — to give you an accurate look at what is happening under the soil. Traditional field testing is laborious, expensive, and can have skewed results. Field sensors require calibration and still only provide “snapshots” in time. Adapt-N, however, provides a continuous “voice of the soil” to alert you to current and anticipated nitrogen needs.
Adapt-N’s configurable alerts send an SMS (text message) to your phone, and/or an email to your tablet or computer, with each field’s nitrogen recommendation for that day. You determine when and how you want to be notified, and Adapt-N does the rest.
Many growers use static guidelines or general “rules of thumb” to apply their nitrogen. Adapt-N provides a precision-nitrogen approach to give you a scientifically generated rate and range. We also show you the details of what went into a recommendation, giving you confidence in executing a variable rate approach. This enables better decisions to maximize your crop’s performance.
Crop rotations, cover crops, organic matter, manure, tillage practices, ground characteristics, past unused N — all of these things might contribute to the nitrogen that is already in your soil. Adapt-N measures them so you can shift your incremental N application rates.
Adapt-N accounts for a large array of nitrogen credits, and matches them to current conditions (like weather) and crop stage. In doing so, Adapt-N helps you to invest nitrogen applications where they are most impactful, avoiding lower-performing and costly over-application.
Even if you did everything right, unpredictable weather events can deplete nitrogen during a critical phase of crop growth, causing catastrophic yield losses. Adapt-N helps you manage this risk and avoid losses by alerting you in advance, so that you can apply rescue nitrogen and optimize yield.