Yara International has acquired Adapt-N to strengthen its Digital Farming offering.

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Adapt-N VRT Nitrogen Recommendation

Adapt-N is a professional software tool for agronomists to help deliver exceptional in-field performance to growers.

Powerful and flexible recommendations.

Users have total control of how to configure each field, whether flat rate or variable, manually set up or fully integrated into other software systems.


  • Fast, easy N recommendation either flat rate, by manual zone, or for different scenarios
  • User-defined or automatically created management zones
  • N-Alert Enabled


  • Fast, powerful variable rate recommendation
  • User-defined or automatically created management zones
  • N-Alert enabled
  • Exportable, customizable prescriptions


  • Comprehensive 60×60 foot resolution gridded recommendation
  • Unlimited geometry for each input data layer
  • N-Alert enabled
  • Exportable, customizable prescriptions

Features for all fields:

Powerful Agronomics

  • Nitrogen stabilizers and controlled release products
  • Manure analysis
  • Irrigation and field water status analytics

Unparalleled Results & Visibility

  • Demonstrated $30/acre grower profit increase with reduced N losses
  • Transparent agronomic visibility into every N recommendation
  • Delivered in an independent, unbiased fashion

Professional Experience

  • Fine-grained control of every input parameter
  • Use automatic zone setup or control manually
  • Administrative features for organizations with multiple agronomists

Built for Agronomy Businesses

  • Custom branding with your logo
  • Optional access for your growers
  • Wholesale pricing

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Scientist created. Agronomist tested. Grower approved.

Adapt-N is built on more than a decade of university research plus continuous, multi-regional, on-farm testing since 2011, which has yielded over $30/acre added grower profit. Adapt-N achieves these results by combining four critical elements:

Advanced Crop Modeling

Cultivar, planting date, yield potential, and more are taken into account to accurately simulate the crop’s growth and soil N to produce a yield-maximizing nitrogen recommendation.

Soil Types

Each region includes a locally calibrated database of soil characteristics, enabling users to appropriately simulate nitrogen dynamics even when soil type variability exists within a field.

Field Management
Field Management

Crop rotations, tillage, manure, irrigation, and soil test results are all modeled at a sub-field level. Variable rate applications are fully supported with unlimited zones per field.

Animated Weather Radar

Fully-integrated, high resolution weather data incorporates temperature, rainfall, and solar radiation data to determine nitrogen gains and losses.

Developed at Cornell, tested by Growers, Commercialized by Agronomic Technology Corp, scaling with Yara.

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